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Meet the Goldhofer SPMT trailer.  When it comes to moving heavy loads, there is nothing better than a Goldhofer modular electronic hydraulic platform trailer. 

These trailers are uniquely suited to moving extremely heavy and difficult loads, over the road or in tight areas. These self leveling modular trailers can be configured and reconfigured by simply adding axle lines to the length and width of the trailer, ensuring that any load is securely supported during the move.

The Goldhofer offloading a barge.
GoldHofer Offloading a Barge

En Route:
GoldHofer en Route

En Route:
Goldhofer En Route

Arriving at destination:
Goldhofer arriving at destination

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Essex Crane Rental has used Interstate Freight to move our cranes for 25 years.  They are respected in the industry with their knowledge, equipment and availability.  This sets them apart from other carriers.  No matter how busy their schedule is for loads, if I need a crane moved on short notice they are there for our needs.  They have positioned themselves with the proper trailers to haul every crane we own.  Their drivers and trucks have been very reliable to get my loads to the destination without fail.  There are many things that they do very well and above the competition, but their best quality are the people that work there!  They always treat Essex with great respect from every aspect of their company.  They make it easy to do business with them.  My thanks to Charlie Brown and Jim Johnson and their staff for a job well done!

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